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Does your organization need revitalization?

We are agents of change.

We help leaders build the businesses of the future through intelligent design and dynamic organizational cultures.



A boutique consulting collective.

/bo͞oˈtēk/ is as boutique business consulting solution that helps scaling and established organizations become even more awesome.

Through our dynamic change management solution we help organizations rapidly adapt their cultures, navigate streamlining their processes, and innovate new ways of attracting business and talent.

We believe that organizations can be impacted by meaningful insight, evidence-based solutions, and powerful technology designed to bring your business into the future.


The way business is done is changing. Is your business keeping up?

How we foster innovation and meaningful change.

Reinvigorate innovation within businesses.

Reinforce Organizational Culture.

Intuitive and Dynamic Organizational Design.

Increased Organizational Effectiveness.

Inspire Leaders to adopt innovation mindsets.

Align stakeholders with unified organizational direction.

We are driven by real results.

"Working with Sean and evntde has helped my organization grow. Sean's expertise in team-building, structures, and organizations has helped me pave the way to building a strong and dominant business culture."

Michael Ferraro

Founder, LLA Real Estate

"I'm just starting up my company, and working with evntde has been a fantastic experience. Sean has helped me with organizing my ideas, building a culture, and a brand that's ready for business."

Tomas Nenortas

CEO - Quiver Spirits